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Responsible for the overall design and implementation of the project is Associate Professor Olivier Rozenberg.

Olivier Rozenberg is Associate Professor in Sciences Po Paris, in the Center for European Studies (CEE). His research focuses on institutions and particularly the study of Parliaments in Europe- national Parliaments as well as the European Parliament. He develops both sociological studies of political staff and analysis of parliamentary activities and their rules as well as looking at the impact of European integration on national political systems. Contact:



Assisting in the design and implementation of the study is Eleni Tsaireli, Assistant Researcher in CEE.  

Eleni Tsaireli has completed the Euromasters MA Program (University of Bath/Sciences Po Paris) and is currently a trainee at the Committee of the Regions. Contact:

This study wouldn't have been possible without the valuable contribution of academics and civil servants of Parliamentary Services. We are grateful for their valuable contribution.

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